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We changed your WordPress support experience

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Ok, ok, we know we have been in the dark for a couple of months, it seems like we’ve been resting, waiting for customers to automatically come to our checkout page like there’s no tomorrow, but the truth is that we did a couple of significant changes on our site to improve your WordPress support experience, because that’s all that matters to us.


First of all, we have been doing what we know how to do good, which is supporting WordPress websites for our existing customers, they are happy, and we are so glad, because providing support is the core of our business and helping people is what made us start this in the first place, so we decided to revamp our checkout process and the account page for our users plus a little bit something so you can earn from our success.

What does WordPress support experience mean?

Well, is just a way of saying that you will be able to work with clear and fast communication channels :).


I will list a couple of features that are part of your new WordPress support experience:

Client Area

The most important change is the revamp of our checkout process, we used a different e-commerce plugin, that had a lot of features, useful in some scenarios, but not ours, so we needed something simple and fast for our users, we also created a beautiful account page where organized the information, and the subscriptions are easy to handle from there.

The second change is that we divided the main site from the actual panel so that the navigation will be faster.

Affiliate Program

We’re releasing our affiliate program, which comes with a pretty neat feature that we’re calling the “Vanity Affiliate Page”, this means that you give us the information to create a landing page with your brand and your affiliate link to our products, so you promote your brand and also promote our services, win-win.

Improved Support Experience

And finally, you will be able to track all your support history, which you will find it under the support option and you can also open new tickets there, cool and convenient.

You will have a form to add sites from your account area, this information will be received and will not be available in your account area for security reasons.

I managed to maintain this post short and clear so if you have any questions or feedback, or if you would like to try our services and the new WordPress support experience then you have seven days trial period… so check our available plans and remember that we also offer a Mini Plan with the basic maintenance features and Single Task for one-time support tasks.

Oh, and before I forget, we’re also offering a recurring 50% discount for new accounts which will be processed after the free trial period.