The Almigthy Mini Plan

Don’t need to fix anything, but still need backups, uptime monitoring, malware scans… We have a plant for that!

If you don’t need all the power of our support plans, don’t worry, because the Mini Plan offers the right tools to keep your site safe and malware free.

If you subscribe for the Mini Plan for a whole year, then you automatically get a 20% discount.

Everything is setup in less than 24 hours, usually, the site assesment can take up to 48 hours, this is because we need to check your site so we can proceed to send you a report with improvement opportunities, based on our own criteria.

Pay Yearly and Save 20%
Weekly Cloud Backups
Uptime Monitoring
Malware Scans
Premium Security Plugin
1 Site Assesment
7 Days Trial Period

My site has been hacked!
If you need on going support, click the red button a select one of our plans, we’ll help you.